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Before that he might have been dating but there is no information available on his affairs before Caitlin. He is a Christian by faith and strong believer of Christ where he had talked openly about his faith on him while interviewed in 2002 by the Relevant Magazine. He owns a 2009 Nissan GT-R and two motorbikes, Harley-Davidson FXDX and a Ducati Monster 750CC. Zachary is very handsome having the muscular physique.

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Zachary has played in several of the television movie and series.

The revelation for me watching the movie, when I finally got to watch the whole thing after working on sequences, was that he is extraordinary.

He was doing things I didn't even realize while we were shooting – these amazing things to track his story." Quinto also made references to Star Trek's historical record for diversity and inclusiveness in its casting and storylines, and said that he hoped the looming election of Barack Obama would build that dynamic towards the film's May 2009 release date.

His father, Joseph John "Joe" Quinto, a barber, died of cancer when Quinto was seven years old.

Quinto graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1995, where he participated in its musicals and won the Gene Kelly Award for Best Supporting Actor, and then attended Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama, from which he graduated in 1999. In 2003, during the theatrical run of Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Kristina Lloyd In 2006, Quinto played the role of Sasan: the haughty, gay Iranian-American best friend of Tori Spelling on her VH1 series So No TORIous.

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