Xiao xun and xiao yu dating

She was forced to be married into Sacred Family to Shen Fei (Shen Yue's older brother).She rebelled against her family wishes and ran away to the St.Afterword she follows him to the Alchemy Association so that he can take the Master Alchemist Exam.At the time of the Holy Orchid Institute's yearly exam a jealous Shen Fei approached Nie Li and her.They lived together for sometime until she died, leaving Nie Li lonely again.In the past Ye Ziyun and her were close friends, but as Xiao Ning'er's family started to decline in power they saw less of each other.This sparked more and more rumors about Nie Li and his relationship with both of these notably beautiful girls.While walking with Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the three others she is slightly jealous of their close relationship.

They question her about massive quantities of purple haze grass that she recently bought.She would also most likely be freed of the arranged marriage.When the group returns from the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, Huyan Lanruo publicly chases after Nie Li causing several run ins with Xiao Ning'er.By the time she met Nie Li her face had become ugly to look at.She recognized him, but because she wore a mask and went by the name Xiao Ning.

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