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However, Google says that rather than replacing Google profile pages, any changes you make in the About me page, or even in the separate My Account page, will be reflected on your Google profile page, and vice versa.

The company says the information you add or remove from your Google Account impacts a wide range of online services, including apps like Hangouts, Gmail and Inbox; on services like Play and You Tube; on Photos and Drive; on your Google profile, and elsewhere.Thanks to the consolidation of Google’s numerous privacy policies into a single comprehensive policy back in early 2012, the company was finally able to merge user data from across its services.That means that the data it collected about you as a You Tube user, could be tied to you as a Gmail user, a Google Drive user, and so on.While the site is being presented as an online tool to put you back in control, it also has another motive.The site will help to present the consolidated information about individuals that Google has collected, which was earlier the aim of its Google profiles.

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