Women chatting with men about jacking off

In fact, there are ten very common lies that men text to women on a regular basis. You may read that and think “that’s a question,” but in fact, that’s a lie.

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When asked what she is looking for a in a guy, most women will say something like, Many guys misinterpret that as being the keys to success with women and assume that the nicer they are to girls, the more that girls will like them. When a woman says she isn’t referring to a nervous, extra polite nice guy who feels like he needs to pay for everything, buy her gifts all the time, do everything that she wants to do, always give in to her demands and try really hard to impress her.

Okay, fine, that’s presumptuous of me to assume, but if a man is tired, he’s not going to apologize for it. Instead, he’ll say something childlike like, “I’m sleepy,” (because men regress to age seven and half with feetie pajamas when they get – on the off chance – tired) or “I’m gonna go to bed” (when his circadian rhythm kicks in). Sorry, but I’m tired is actually I don’t like you enough.

My ex girlfriend with who I’m also sleeping with is in town!

Then this becomes a text worth crying over, because you’ll just end up buying your own beer and wallowing in your financial independence (or not, if you just want to be his friend.

But if you just want to be his friend, too, you’re not analyzing a text.) More specifically, when is this “later” that we’re hanging out?

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