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Mickey Smith is first introduced in the series' 2005 reboot première episode, "Rose".When Mickey's girlfriend Rose (Billie Piper) begins investigating a mysterious alien called the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), Mickey is captured by the alien Nestene Consciousness, from which a living plastic facsimile of him (an 'auton') is created.And alot of opportunity for new talent #Its Not Just Hood pic.twitter.com/e Bh XT9I2Xv— Noel Clarke (@Noel Clarke) October 1, 2017 TV series so far, but we do know that the first episode is called 'Kidolescence', and it was written by Noel himself.The front page of the script also bears the tagline: "New world... new problems." focused on the ups and downs of a group of teenagers growing up in inner west London, with Clarke writing the script and joining an ensemble cast which also included Jaime Winstone, Rafe Spall, Aml Ameen and Nicholas Hoult. I liked her from the very beginning of Girls Aloud. I don't have any: once you done something, it's done. It's strange, I've been to funerals of friends and still it just doesn't come out.

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In the year since Rose absconded with the Doctor, Mickey has been the prime suspect for Rose's disappearance and has become distressed as a result.NOEL Clarke has shared a poignant tribute to Brotherhood actor Aaron Eaton, who was found dead just days after the film's release.The actor/director took to Twitter to mourn the loss of the rising star after he passed away at the age of 29. A life in brief Born in London in December 1975, Noel Clarke is a BAFTA-winning actor, director and screenwriter.Mickey Smith is a fictional character portrayed by Noel Clarke in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

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