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Here are some links to Chat Bots and other Artificial Intelligence Programs that are Open source.

It is programming code that you can look at or download.

To hear her talk out loud, download the free Speech Plugin. She starts with no knowledge of anything, but then is able to gain knowledge as she observes what humans say.

From this, she is able to remember patterns of words, and the probability of these patterns occurring.

It was written as an entry in the 1998 Loebner Competition, where it won third place out of six entries.

Two judges even gave it a higher score than they gave some human confederates!

Feel free to chat with BRIAN and just try to have a natural conversation, about five minutes long.

To get you started, the Daisy distribution file contains one memory file, which was built by having Daisy talk to the author.

However, you are always able to create a new file and start from scratch. Shareware: Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion.

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