Validating seth on quantum physics

If I remember correctly, it looks like mine was “What happened before the Big Bang?

” I didn’t get to see the exhibit itself, but the review makes it clear that the installation went far beyond simply showing video of the interviewees.

Building on the success of rotating Twitter accounts like @realscientists, which I participated in last year, the CMS experiment has a new account: @CMSVoices.

The idea is that it’s an account for talking to CMS members and hearing about their day-to-day work, in contrast with the official news from the @), but the account gives you the chance to interact with a new person each month, and it might even help us get some new tweeters started!

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Back when we were discussing Will Self’s impression of CERN as a place where scientists had no interest in the important philosophical questions, I commented that part of the trouble was Self’s expectation that scientists who were expecting to give him a technical tour should be prepared to have an ad hoc philosophical discussion instead.

Consider these typical naming processes: They also seem to have snuck in a Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-in while naming one of Pluto’s newer moons. But since yesterday, Pluto has a “Cthulhu” and a “Balrog” and Charon has a “Mordor”. I want to build models of how the universe works that predict the results of experiments, because I believe those models get closer and closer to the truth.The piece thus presents the core values of international collaborative science in a novel way, beyond the mere words scientists usually use to explain it.But it isn’t a new allegory divorced from actual scientists at CERN and our work: it still uses our own words, mannerisms, and office whiteboards to build the impression.I also mentioned that many physicists can and will give interviews on broader topics.What I didn’t mention is that I included myself, because I had already done an interview in 2014 on the “existential” boundaries of physics knowledge.

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