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The ETA for the final versions appearing will probably be 3-4 weeks, as there's some higher-priority things that need to get finished first. We are generating ADMX files as part of the build process.However, the above link should be enough to get you all working. Also, there has been some confusion in the past about the effectiveness of the GPO set using the template, as Chrome has made changes to only consider these policies on machines which are joined to [email protected], can you please confirm and resolve this issue?Updated June 2007 Judith Herman Applies to: Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Summary: Learn how to centrally administer and incorporate ADMX files when editing the administrative template policy settings inside a local or domain-based Group Policy object.

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Should Google be bundling/integrating the same Google Update policies with those too?

We really do need and ADMX template so we can disable the update process. Is anyone at Google paying any attention to this at all? I know I've been waiting for this for a long time, too, but only to remove a step in the process, not because this is a showstopper.

We (company with over 15000 employess) really want this ADMX file, too. It's been almost 4 years now and we're all waiting on one stupid file so we can get our jobs done. You can run the update ADM file through Microsoft's ADMX Migrator tool ( It's not necessarily as pretty as what you'd get if Google provided it, but it seems to work fine. So as we all know Google official instructions to disable updating* require me to change the "Update policy override" to disabled for "computer config/policies/admin templates/google/google update" With only the adm template this setting cannot be viewed with the editor from windows 7 and up.

I'm quite happy for it to be separate from the Chrome ADMX, but the ADM format is getting very long in the tooth now and will be completely obsolete shortly.

Working for a large manufacturing company who are looking to adopt Google Chrome as a default browser.

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