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In addition, you can reach beyond Outlook 2013 to incorporate the functionality of other Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Info Path 2013, Microsoft Power Point 2013, Microsoft Project 2013, Microsoft Visio 2013, and any application or control that exposes a programmatic Component Object Model (COM) interface.Although forms and item types are the basic elements you need to understand to create a custom Outlook 2013 solution, it’s helpful to know what a message class is and how it relates to Outlook 2013 form development.Maybe you simply want to fine-tune your forms to add your company logo, special instructions, or warnings for users.

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Forms are such a normal part of everything we do on computers that we sometimes take them for granted.Outlook 2013 uses a combination of forms, item types, and message classes as its fundamental components.Although you don’t need to understand much about any of these three components to use Outlook 2013, a developer must understand them reasonably well.For example, you might need to add some fields to your message forms or your meeting request forms.Perhaps you need an easier way for users to perform mail merge operations with Microsoft Word 2013 and Outlook 2013 contact lists.

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