Updating germany projects for a better future

utm_content=buffer79474&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer (combines Io T sensors with blockchain technology to provide data integrity for transactions of physical products, streamlining supply chain processes in many sectors.

Germany’s electricity production in 2016 was 648 TWh, with demand of 595 TWh and net export of 54 TWh.

While these policies have created an impressive roll-out of renewable energy resources, they have also clearly generated disequilibrium in the power markets, resulting in significant increases in energy prices to most users, as well as value destruction for all stakeholders: consumers, renewable companies, electric utilities, financial institutions, and investors.” This is the introductory paragraph in a July 2014 report by Finadvice for the Edison Electric Institute and European clients. In a 28 November 2015 Special Report , having pointed out that French households pay about half as much as German ones for electricity, commented: “Germany has made unusually big mistakes.

Handing out enormous long-term subsidies to solar farms was unwise; abolishing nuclear power so quickly is crazy. The price of globally traded hard coal has dropped in the past few years, partly because shale-gas-rich America is exporting so much.

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Be aware that many projects have not been publicly announced or known yet.

Feel free to add any projects I have missed or any future announced projects by using the reply.

This really shows the capabilities of the tangle, and the opportunities it provides us: smart meters, charge points (eichrecht?

), all kinds of other measurements in the (power) grid, along with all kinds of other metrics." Modem is using IOTA for supply chain data integrity - https://modum.io/modum-token-sale-to-accept-iota-tokens/?

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