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A popcorn ceiling (slang), also known as a cottage cheese ceiling, a stucco ceiling or formally an acoustic ceiling, is a term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment.

It was the standard for bedroom and residential hallway ceilings for its bright, white appearance, ability to hide imperfections, and acoustical characteristics.

In early formulations, it often contained white asbestos fibers.Linoleum floors, blue carpet, and my favorite, textured ceilings. Apparently they were so desirable that, at some point, someone took the effort to cover every ceiling in our house with the stuff.And since, I’m guessing, it wasn’t hip in the 1920’s, someone probably added the lovely texture in less romantic times, like the 80’s, for example.Learn how to plank a popcorn ceiling the easy way with planked plywood.create a cheap and easy shiplap ceiling to cover up popcorn texture and add farmhouse style " data-medium-file="https://i2com/farmhouseonboone.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/how-to-make-a-duvet-cover-15.jpg?

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