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Therefore, don’t say a pair of scissors but a scissor; don’t say a pair of eyeglasses but an eyeglass. -/proverb./ patah tumbuh hilang berganti: if sth breaks it’ll grows back; if sth disappears it is going to be re­placed; The struggle renews itself.Notes: In English the word ‘broke’ is usually used as an active transitive verb.4 forbid There is a law which forbid us to go there 4 hinder |to make it difficult for someone to do something| Awan tebal telah merintangi pesawat mendarat. 3 cooperative organization /ld/ 1 side a) |one of the people, groups, teams, or countries opposing each other in a quarrel, war, competition etc| b) |the part of an object or area that is farthest from the middle| 2 wing paksi1: /frm/lu/ the principles of the Republic of Indonesia as a nation; a) the belief in God Almighty, b) hu­manism (that all human kind has equal rights to have freedom and to be treated in justice), c) nationalism (the unity and the existence of Indonesia as a nation); d) democracy |political rights of the people which is channelled by the wisdom of representative deliberation|; e) social justice for all Indonesians.-kepancasilaan: (Indonesian grammar) sth that permanently join together such as scissors, eye glasses, trousers are considered singular.Note: If you mean “policy” entry 1 (2) |a way of doing things that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party or organization| in some cases can be substituted with “kebijakan” profile 3 building material (usually made of wood, fibreglass, cement) that has been shaped into a particular appearance and can be used as an ornament of the building such as at the corner between ceiling and wall) -berprofil: /frm/lu/ property 1 |equipments, accessories, tools that are used in shooting a film, tv serial, video clips, etc.| 2 |something that someone owns| propesi: variant of profesi: propesor: see professor: propil: variant of profil: propinsi: see provinsi: propokatip: variant of provokatif: proporsi: 1 the process of re-legalize sth |if sb build a house without a legal permission or certificate but later on the government gave it| 2 abolition (punishment) 3 wiping out (debt or other responsibilities) 4 whitewashing -putih bersih: Your Excellency. women) and, in some areas, to dangerous wild animals, e.g. -nenek kebayan: ./frm/lu/ |used to vary some of word that starts with “k” e.g.Therefore if we interpret such Indonesian sentence into English sentence, we need to add something (similar to pseudo subject) as the subject of the sentence.

|all kind of musical instrument that you play by blowing into it| 2 bugle |a musical instrument like a trumpet, which is used in the army to call soldiers| 3 /infr/ speaker, communication channel. 2 demeanor |the way someone behaves, dresses, speaks etc.

Savannah also portrays Mary, Mother of Jesus in the LDS Bible Videos.

Laura Skaggs Dulin discusses the ethical challenges of mixed-orientation marriages through her experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist and as a gay woman in a mixed-orientation marriage of her own, including how she grieved the loss of a relationship that would never happen.

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2018 Affirmation Annual International Conference.

This year’s conference is taking place from July 20 to July 22 in Salt Lake City.

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