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But, for all of Agent Provocateur's success, and especially because of its wider influence, isn't Corre's company part of the problem he's seeking to address through his new charity project?Corre, who vacillates between a distracted world-weariness and deep anger at the state of affairs, certainly seems torn between acknowledging that Agent Provocateur has, in part, been gasoline for consumerism – it made saucy, sassy underwear not only covetable but essential again – and his own growing distaste for what he sees as rampant, unthinking spending."But in the fashion industry there is the big issue of manufacturing.If you think you can buy clothing that costs two bob and the company is still making money then it doesn't take much to figure out that some poor bastard is getting two pence for it."I'd come from a background working with my mum in which, if you want 50 suits made, it's not hard to find a tailor to make them. If anything, Agent Provocateur is a brand run by women.Out of about 300 employees there are three men..." And, with Agent Provocateur's London head office a frequent parade of bare-bummed models in barely-there bras, three very distracted men at that."I don't know what fashion is anymore – so many fashion brands are just about entertainment now.

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But what we do now is work with our manufacturers to ensure they do something locally about worker conditions." If only Corre had the power to change the industry that is changing around him.More broadly it is a stab at, as Corre puts it, "making businesses realise, as many still fail to do, that social responsibility can be good business". I don't need to do this fucking interview," he says testily.What it is most certainly not, Corre makes abundantly clear, is about giving himself or Agent Provocateur added profile: business needs to know that "just by focusing a little bit of money in the right direction you can make things happen, and that's amazing. "It just might make companies think about themselves a bit, or make people think more carefully about where they spend their money." Humanade is just one of the projects Corre feels free to pursue since, late last year, his life underwent something of an overhaul.confections – Corre's angry itch manages to fill it. But Corre, 40, is set to make a solo stand again and his opinions needs to be given vent.His latest project, Humanade, which launches at the end of this month with a charity auction offering a catwalk modelling experience for Vivienne Westwood, is a grant-giving and fundraising trust set up by Corre with chartered accountants Wenham Major and the lawyer John Crabtree; it has already started funding legal representation for Guantanamo Bay inmates.

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