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Our societal inequality leads to very real neural inequalities.

To the extent that providing equally favorable environments to children will lift those who are in squalor to a higher level, this will exacerbate the role that genetic differences play in creating inequality: the less a variable varies (i.e., the environment in a social engineering situation), the less it can account for variance in outcomes. Natural selection, after all, requires random variation among individuals in order to work. People are different, and trying to make them all the same is impossible. But here’s where I part company with the Francis Galtons of the world.

The third group of marmosets was placed in the -enriched environment.

But what about the monkeys in either of enriched environments?

Was it better to be in the ultra-enriched environment (upper-class) as opposed to the moderately enriched environment (middle-class)?

Assuming we don’t also genetically engineer kids, then genetic variance will remain, and the ratio of genetic to environmental variance will increase. I don’t think the stubborn presence of inequality means we should stop trying to erase inequality.

In fact, I think modern neuroscience has helped us understand what types of inequality we can prevent and what types of inequality are simply beyond our control.

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