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So basically you are looking for someone who will go through the agony of watching you die and raise a child as a single parent? How could you even consider putting someone through the pain of watching that happen? And then to top it off, you want to add a child to that mix?

Do you have tons of money set aside to help that person raise the child? In addition, have you thought about the fact that the other person is looking for someone to spend the rest of THEIR life with?

In the days of the online dating apps where the grass is always greener on the other side, where no one is that keen to commit in case something better comes along, there is also a new trend; people who only go out with people who tick a set of boxes: They would only date a man or a woman if he/she is of a certain age, from a particular socioeconomic background and someone who is on the career ladder and has an apartment or at least, can afford to live alone. I know someone who only dates architects, or technology guys and only from a specific background.

If he/she has a car, then, that is an extra box to tick. As a result, she is always jumping from one date to the next.

At this time last year I was on a few dating sites and having no success.

This just shows people’s true colors and how they are quick to assume and judge others.

Now is it fair to have child with someone knowing you will not be able to assist in raising them. I have no interest in knowing you.” ______________________________________________________________________________ As you can see she has “terminally ill” and “chronically ill” mixed up and was very quick to judge me and assume.

I just really love the fact she had to mention death over and over..sheesh. Please people educate yourself and have an open mind before you jump down someone’s throat! In 6 years I have yet to find anyone with compassion or caring.

I have tried changing my profile around to make me sound healthy but that still does not help.

I will change my profiles around experimenting with what might work.

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