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From there I would buy whoever was on the shelf, whether it was Rich Mullins, Michael W Smith, Kathy Troccoli, Russ Taff, The that stuff. I used to open up all those albums and read all the credits so I knew all the musicians.

Her family had decided to move to a new church and she remembers, "The new church was very outgoing. I remember them saying; 'If you want to get baptised we've got this meeting on Saturday.' I was 13 but I thought, that's what I want to do! I want to go up in that cool little pool of water and I want them to dunk me and I want this to be exciting. I didn't understand a lot at that age but I remember it was that church that really sparked something new in my heart.

I remember coming home and getting a letter from some woman who said that a song that I had written called 'Let It Go' had really touched her and led her back to the things of God in her life.

I was so moved by that and thought: oh my goodness!

Maybe that's a good thing because it keeps us working harder and keeps us humble." She continues, "I remember the first record I ever did.

I got this call to go to Minneapolis and I did one of my very first shows there.

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