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Such was her parents’ concern that they should cover up where they had been, the couple rushed back south to register her birth in London.

The source’s grandmother, who worked at local houses in the 1920s and 30s, even suggested that the switch had been part of a cover-up over Dame Elizabeth’s paternity – and that her real father was actually the millionaire Conservative MP Victor Cazalet, who became her godfather.

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And if extraordinary claims are to be believed, that was exactly the kind of existence Elizabeth Taylor was born into.

For although it has always been said that the film star was brought into the world at her parents’ North London home, claims have emerged that she was actually born at a wild party in Cheshire – and an elaborate cover-up ensued to hide a web of scandalous behaviour.

Dame Elizabeth’s mother Sara is said to have attended a party at one while heavily pregnant in February 1932.

The letter added: ‘Elizabeth was born unexpectedly in the night.‘However it couldn’t be known where, so they rushed back to London and Elizabeth was registered as born in London next morning.’ Her birthplace was registered as the couple’s home at the time, No 8, Wildwood Road, Golders Green.

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And according to the grandson of a woman who mixed with the wealthy families who lived in the village, after one such party, the baby arrived unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

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