Stop ipod from updating

You can also just trash the Auto Fill library and all the music that is trying to sync to the device.

Note: This process will remove the autofill library list, and as a result, may also remove music from the i Phone / i Pod / i Pad in the process as well.

We’re offering two solutions to this nuisance, one is quite simple, and the other is a little more convoluted simply because the Auto Fill behavior is overly quirky. Because the i Tunes Music Auto Fill list populates itself based upon your most recent i OS backup made to i Tunes, you can simply make a backup in i Tunes that is new and freshly updated to get around the weird autofill behavior.

This will prevent i OS from throwing up the update alert at you every day: Turning off Automatic Updates and deleting the latest update from your Storage will prevent you from getting the alert windows in the future.

The reason you are getting these alerts is because Automatic Updates has downloaded the latest update to i OS, and the update is currently sitting on your i Phone (or i Pad) and waiting to be activated.

Automatic Updates are enabled by default, so you'll need to turn them off.

This download updates in the background, and once it is downloaded, you are pushed to install it.

Apple typically installs the software update at night when the i Phone, or i Pad, is plugged in and charging.

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