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He knew that I wanted to know more about my mother’s life and recommended a book for me to read which I really appreciated.

(The book is “When Heaven and Earth Traded Places”) The visit to the orphanage and the home for the elderly was so much more than I expected it to be.

Although I had my eyes closed during most of the ride there, it was quite an experience for me! The floating village tour was an eye opening experience.Both Phong and Vinh were the best and both of them made my vacation a memorable experience.And also your help with making our changes to the itinerary is so appreciated! I would recommend your company to anyone that is going to Vietnam. I wanted to see a glimpse of my mother’s childhood and he pointed things out that were images of what my mom’s childhood was like.We stopped at random places and he would direct me to take pictures of certain things and then explain what it was about. As he did for my mother, I told him about a song that my mother used to sing when I was a child.

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