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She is also the co-artistic director of CRIPSi E (the Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton), which enters dance by and for people experiencing disability as well as their artistic and political allies.

She has choreographed and performed integrated dance for 10 years.

A talk and workshop on research-creation work within the field of disability arts will be the focus of the next instalment of the Performance Studies (Canada) Speaker Series presented by the Graduate Program in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University and the Performance Studies (Canada) Project. For more information about this event, email [email protected]

In the 2016-17 series, all events have been organized around the theme of “Access/Excess: Choreographies of Difference.” These events are part of the Department of Theatre’s year-long exploration of disability and performance. Performance Workshop: Lindsay Eales and Danielle Peers, “Moving with Crip and Mad Community” When: Friday March 10, am to pm Where: Room 209, Accolade East Building, York University Description: This workshop will use dance and creative movement to explore the generative possibilities of crip and Mad movements and relationships.

Inspired by conversations at the local and national levels, our goal is to work closely with members of the disability arts community to challenge traditionally “ableist” modes of making theatre and to “crip” our studios, classrooms and stages. We will work together to establish what deep crip consent means when dancing together.

Danielle Peers is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation at the University of Alberta.Katarína také každému šťastlivci postoupí kompletní "profil" člověka, o rande s kterým projevil zájem, včetně kontaktních údajů.Barevná paleta singles S narůstajícím vzrušením postupuji od jednoho stolku k druhému a připadám si jako v americkém filmu.We will explore the politics and possibilities of enabling, restricting, sharing and resisting movement in relation to others in the group.We will facilitate opportunities to create movement, both alone and together, based on these ideas.

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