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Death Of a Skylark The song about the death of a skylark was written,set to the melody of the Shankar-Jaikishan and sung mournfully by the actor himself.

With the passage of time,the student actor himself blossomed into a songster in his own right. He was a singer,musician,stage and screen actor and broadcaster but it for his singing - which brought him great honour- that he will be remembered for in the years to come.

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A remarkable feature of the lead actor in the drama was that he sang in his own voice on stage without lip-synching the songs.His father played the organ and mother was choir leader. Manoharan was schooled initially at Bogawantalawa and Talawakelle. Mary’s College, Nawalapitiya where the great singer C. The school was very proud of its old boy and Manoharan was no exception.He too wanted to emulate CT at that impressionable tender age.Anthonyppillai Emmanuel Manoharan Anthonypillai Emmanuel Manoharan was born in 1945 at Bogawantalawa in the Central Province of the Island then known as Ceylon.His father was a Jaffna Tamil from Eeachamoattai near Paashaiyoor in Jaffna.

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