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Jewel had a successful first seduction when she brought Gwen Stefani into the fold and Jessica Alba longed to be invited back for more fun and responded by seducing the WWE’s Lita and Britney Spears. Credit, as always, to Ghoulardi for his kick ass editing skills and for coming up with this idea in the first place. You all have really been excellent about letting me know what you think and I appreciate every letter I’ve gotten. J These stories can take it out of you and hearing that people like what I write makes it all worthwhile. This chapter ends with the three worst words in the English language and yes, I am going to get chapter 10 out as quickly as possible. The Harem Episode 9 “Like Frogs Oblivious” By KMB Love nervously paced around her room.That’s a quick recap and to read the stories in all their full glory, you can run off to and see for yourself. If you’re under 18, I shouldn’t even have to tell you this, but you can’t read this. That’s right, why read porn and enjoy yourself when you can spy on your neighbors for the good of your country. So please please please send all feedback to [email protected], the time for talk has past. She ordinarily wasn’t the type to get all worked up with worry, but these were special circumstances. She wasn’t just going to be Jennifer Love Hewitt, star of slasher films and prematurely canceled FOX shows, she was going to be Jennifer Love Hewitt, nude model.

In the wonderful town of Malibu, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose Mc Gowan, Jennifer Aniston and Jewel have established themselves a secret lesbian love nest right off of the beach.It’s wrong for you to be exposed to healthy expressions of sexuality. Tomorrow she was scheduled to take the plunge and peel it off for Playboy.She so desperately wanted it to be the turning point for her career.Her housemates had also been very supportive and Love had been very confident in her decision.But now that she was about to do it, the old insecurity reared its ugly head.

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