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After I got to know that, I realized we shouldn’t be kept locked inside our rooms during our first menstruation." (Water Aid)Bandana Khadka, 15: "This is my mother and sister in the picture.Here, my mother is feeding my sister with so much of love. However, during my menstruation cycle I am kept separately and have to eat at distance. We need lots of love and support during our menstruation but, when I am separated and treated like an untouchable I feel no love from my mother and father and I feel only hatred.With nowhere hygienic to clean sanitary pads or wash, women and girls also risk infection” “Being able to deal with periods in a hygienic and dignified way is crucial to women’s wellbeing.It helps women feel that they are able to play a full role in society, no matter what time of the month." Sushma Diyali,15: "This is the picture of mirror and comb that I use at my house.

I clicked this picture to recollect that particular memory of mine. So, when I started bleeding for the first time I got very scared and terrified.

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Teenage Nepalese girls from Sindhuli, 130 kilometres southeast from Kathmandu, took pictures to document the restrictions imposed upon them during their periods as part of a campaign by charity Water Aid, challenging taboos and improving female sanitation.

When I had my first menstruation, I stayed at another's house, as we were not allowed to stay in our own house.

The house where I stayed during my first menstruation is 15 minutes away from my own house.

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