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Having said that, there are some categories of men that can live in a sexless marriage, albeit they usually have special circumstances.

Asexual, those who cannot perform due to medical reasons, etc.

I was involved in a sexless marriage for over 3 years of my 7 year marriage.

It totally runied my self-esteem.opening yourself up like that can be a terrifing experience, brings back all of the regection.

Generally, men do not want to be in a relationship that's doomed to have no sex.

For the men that do, it's likely because the relationship somehow slipped to that and they are now trapped. This is one of the reasons some men resist the idea of marriage.

The third ended because my ex just didn't want to be head of house anymore and walked out.

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The marriage was over so I have to say, all my marriages had sex until the marriage was over. Believe in yourself, don't let any man use you or take you for granted. As for dating coming out of a sexless marriage, yes it's scary but then so was leaving the sexless marriage.

If I wanted to have a sexless relationship I could just be best friends.

Why bother with marriage where I'll be signing off my (fair) needs as irrelevant?

We're all still "damaged" to some degree by failed relationships.

When we learn from them and stop letting them control our actions, then the healing process begins.

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