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The Iroquoian-speaking Cherokees lived in southwestern Virginia.

At the time the Europeans arrived, total Native American population may have been 50,000 people within the boundaries of what is now Virginia.

In Bacon's Rebellion, the Susquehannock and Dogue were attcking setlers in the backcountry, but Nathaniel Bacon led his army against the peaceful Occoneechee and Pamunkey.

In 1607, there may have been 13,000 Algonquian-speaking Native Americans within the Coastal Plain territory claimed by Powhatan, and 15,000 Siouan-speaking Monacans/Manahoacs in the Piedmont.

Despite resupply ships bringing new settlers, Virginia's immigrant population grew slowly after 1607.

Some immigrants to America returned to England, such as John Smith in 1609, but most early colonists died from starvation or disease: During the period 1619 to 1622, when the Virginia Company poured colonists into Virginia at a massive rate, the mortality rate was once again high.

As a result, even tiny shards of broken pottery at an archeological site can identify changes in who lived there.

There was an unknown number of a Siouan-speaking groups such as the Monacan, Manahoac, Occaneechee, and Saponi living west of the Fall Line.the first people in Virginia arrived about 15,000 years ago Source: Theodore De Bry Copper Plate Engravings - Native Americans Preparing for a Feast Virginia has a diversity of people, people who came from different places and cultures dating back 15,000 or so years.When the first Paleo-Indian hunting bands arrived, they probably shared many common characteristics.Different traveling bands chose at different times to start growing crops and to occupy settled towns for longer periods.Different groups established distinctive religious and political practices, in different places and at different times.

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