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Employment-at-will allows employees to seek out the position best suited for their talents and allows employers to seek out the best employees for their needs.There are many exceptions to employment-at-will, including various exceptions created by the legislature and the courts.If you live off campus, you might also consider checking with your city and county for any alerts registration systems offered there.Read more Every day, we face a danger like we never thought we would in our lifetime: crossing the street at the crosswalk.Inquiries regarding discrimination should be made to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (303-894-2997) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (303-866-1300).

Persons inquiring should consult with an attorney for guidance.

For more information on how to report, what to report, what the administrative process looks like and other questions about reporting, visit the Don't Ignore It website.

For further information on reporting, please visit CU Boulder’s free and confidential Office of Victim Assistance (OVA), an advocacy and trauma-informed counseling resource for students, staff and faculty.

If you are concerned about a friend’s relationship, we are here to help those who are supporting survivors, too. You can also email [email protected] call 303-492-8855 for help, which offers after-hours phone counselors.

They are located in room S440 on the fourth floor of the Center for Community (C4C), open from 8 a.m. Now is a good time to make sure your information is in the campus alert system correctly.

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