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According to a survey of Facebook users, school remains the top source for finding a spouse.That same study put the median age for first marriage at 27 for women and 29 for men; the median age of a Booth student is 27.8.When Chloe Willstrom, ’13, decided to look for the right graduate school, the fact that Booth made her and her partner, Grete Willstrom, ’16, feel welcome as a same-sex couple was a major deciding factor.The two had met in Southern California through a mutual rugby-playing friend and followed their first date with a visit to Niketown for new sports gear.Only 9 dating apps contained sexual health content, of which 7 targeted MSM.The majority of sex-related apps and dating apps contained no sexual health content that could educate users about and remind them of their sexual risks.

And school is an especially popular place to find a soul mate.The Karma system is currently undergoing maintenance (Monday, January 29, 2018).The maintenance period has been extended to 8PM EST.Given those numbers, it’s not surprising that an informal look at alumni data finds well over a thousand current couples who either met at Booth, came to Booth as a couple, or followed one another as students.It appears that in romance, just as much as in finance, the Chicago Approach works.

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