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• Baltic American Medical & Surgical Clinic Vilnius University Antakalnio Hospital 124 Antakalno St.

Vilnius, Lithuania (370 (2) 34-2020 or 76-7942 lt The clinic is a Lithuanian-American Joint Venture located in leased facilities within the Vilnius University Antakalno Hospital.

Influenza: Vaccination recommended for all travelers 6 months of age who have not received a flu shot in the previous 12 months.All travelers should be up-to-date on their immunizations and are advised to carry a medical kit as well as antibiotics to treat travelers’ diarrhea or other infections.Travelers who are taking regular medications should carry them properly labeled and in sufficient quantity to last for the duration of their trip; they should not expect to obtain prescription or over-the-counter drugs in local stores or pharmacies in this country—the equivalent drugs may not be available; may be of dubious origin; may be counterfeit, or of unreliable quality.Although travel has contributed in a general way to the global spread of AIDS, fear of traveling because of this disease is not warranted.• Transmission of HIV can be prevented by avoiding: sexual contact with a high-risk partner; injecting drug use with shared needles; non-sterile medical injections; unscreened blood transfusions.

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