Sex chat bots with text story

Currently, you have to do a small research project to find the answer or else use an app like Grub Hub or Eat24.

In the near future, assistants like Siri, Amazon Echo, Facebook M, or Google’s Master Bot will have access to all of the bot services you use and be able to process orders on the back end seamlessly.

And when you run low on groceries, your refrigerator would order food for you.

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But every single bot that builders create is bringing us one step closer to this reality.

As a result, many of our daily chores will be handled automatically. When your item is ready, the bot will alert you, and you can simply pick it up.

Getting things done when you are out and about will become seamless. This will propel the restaurant dining experience into the 21st century.

We can see early signs of this, as it is already easy to order things like an Uber via Facebook Messenger.

At the moment, finding the right bot to solve a problem is a pain because of the “unknown unknowns” — to reference a security term.

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