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Hopefully it isn't cheesy if I say I hope I couldn't put you in a box. About Me: I am very kind, considerate and appreciative person, who loves laughing and spending time with those closely connected to me. However, I genuinely believe that what matters most in a relationship, is synchronicity.

Chris Christie's Message to New Jersey; New York City After the Storm • Irene Deluge Hits Vermont; Widespread Flooding in New Jersey; NYC Drying Out After Irene; Irene Not Finished with U. Yet; Pan Am 103 Bomber Located; • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Slow-Moving Hurricane Irene Will Drop Heavy Rain; St. Cargo Ship Captain Rescued • Captain Richard Phillips Rescued from Somali Pirates by U. Navy Seals • Coverage of the Commuter Plane Crash in Buffalo, New York • Continental Express Plane Crashes Near Buffalo, New York; 48 Onboard; One Fatality On Ground • Plane Crashes Into N. Home • Commuter Plain Out of Newark Crashes in Buffalo, New York • Following Hurricane Gustav • Continuing Coverage as Hurricane Gustav Makes Landfall in Louisiana • Watching Hurricane Gustav: The Category 3 Hurricane Expected to Make Landfall Within Hours • New Orleans Resembles Ghost Town; Some Residents Decide to Weather out Storm; Storm Forces Convention Changes • Hurricane Gustav: 170 Miles from New Orleans • Hurricane Gustav Coverage; Gov. Peter's Square in Vatican City to Mourn Death of Pope; Pope Mourned In Poland; Long-standing Ritual Dictates How New Pope Will Be Chosen. Peter's Square • Extraordinary Life and Legacy of John Paul II • Life, Death, Legacy of Pope John Paul II • Exclusive Pictures of Court-Shooting Suspect; Suspect Still on the Loose • Continuing Coverage of Atlanta Manhunt for Brian Nichols • Body of U. Customs Agent Found in Atlanta while Manhunt Continues for Suspect in Courthouse Shooting; Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to Meet with Special U. Envoy; Ukraine to Withdraw 150 Troops from Iraq • Suspect in Atlanta Courthouse Shooting Eludes Authorities as Manhunt Continues • Security Camera Depicts Suspect While Manhunt Continues After Atlanta Courthouse Murders • Atlanta Courthouse Shooting Suspect Arrested in Apartment Near Atlanta • Police Apprehend Suspected Court Shooter Brian Nichols; Interview with Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington • Brian Nichols Surrenders To Police • Brian Nichols In Custody; Pressconference With Gwinnett County Police Chief Charles Walters • Brian Nichols Now In Custody • Scott Peterson Jury to Deliver Verdict • Awaiting Scott Peterson Verdict • Peterson Verdict to be Read 4 Eastern, 1 Pacific • Scott Peterson Found Guilty of Killing Wife & Unborn Son • Legally Speaking; Presidential Election Still Too Close to Call; Ohio Dispute • Bush Wins Election; Election Analysis • Sen. Headquarters in Baghdad • Huge Explosion Rocks U.

Mary's County, Maryland Officials Issue Code Red Alert About Possible Dam Break; Storm Surge Remains Big Worry For Many • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Slow-Moving Hurricane Irene Will Drop Heavy Rain; St. Jindal Press Conference • Covering Hurricane Gustav • More Coverage of Hurricane Gustav • Hurricane Coverage of Gustav: Gulf Coast Bracing for a Killer Storm • Hurricane Gustav: Gulf Coast Braces for Cat. John Kerry Arrives At Boston's Faneuil Hall To Deliver His Concession Speech • Sen.

• New Image of Bombing Suspects; Search and Rescue Continue at Fertilizer Plant Fire; MIT Police Officer Shot • Terror At Boston Marathon • Deadly Terror Attack At Boston Marathon • Deadly Terror Attack at Boston Marathon; North Korean Threat; Obama Responds to Attacks; Timing of the Explosions; Asia-Pacific Markets • Special Coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings • Explosions at Boston Marathon; "Boston Globe": 100 Hurt In Bombings • Terror Attack at Boston Marathon: Two Dead, Dozens Wounded • Terror Attack At Boston Marathon; Eyewitness Accounts; Discussing the Investigation • Special Storm Coverage • Snow Storm Blankets New England • Continuing Coverage of the Northeast Snow Storm • Blizzard of 2013; Latest on California Manhunt; Air Travel at a Virtual Standstill in the Northeast • Continuing Coverage Of Northeast Snowstorm • Blizzard Blankets U. Temple Shooting is Domestic Terrorism; Understanding the Sikh Religion • Seven Dead, Including Gunman, in Shooting at Wisconsin Sikh Temple • 6 Dead in Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting • Whitney Houston Dies • Whitney Houston Dead at 48; Investigation as to Cause of Death Under Way • Whitney Houston Dead at 48; Interview with Lionel Richie • Whitney Houston Dead at 48; Interview With Smokey Robinson; Interview with MC Lyte; Interview With Jermaine Jackson • Kim Jong Il Dead • Kim Jong-il Dead • Kim Jong-il Died Saturday, State TV Reports • North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il Dead; Son, Kim Jong-un, Expected to Take Power; South Korean Military on Heightened Alert • Kim Jong-il Dies • Governments Around the World React With Caution to News of Death of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il; Youngest Son of Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, Hailed as Great Successor by State Media; Wolf Blitzer Gives Viewers Tour of Pyongyang, Capital of North Korea • Report: Moammar Gadhafi Captured; Moammar Gadhafi Reportedly Captured; No Official confirmation from Washington on Gadhafi Capture; 3rd National Security Plus for Obama; Do Military Intelligence, Commando Forces Stop in Libya? Simpson Arrested In Las Vegas Hotel Room Robbery; Greenspan's Tell All Book Is Released; Thailand Plane Crash • O. Arrestedin Vegas Hotel Robbery • More on Utah Rescue Effort Casualties • Continued Coverage of Second Utah Mining Accident • Further Coverage of Mine Rescue Accident • Continuing Coverage of Second Utah Mine Cave-In • Further Continuing Coverage of Second Utah Mine Cave- In/Accident & Rescue Effort Casualties • Minnesota Bridge Collapse; Rescue Efforts Continue • Bridge Collapse in Minnesota • Continued Coverage of Minnesota Bridge Collapse • Further Coverage of Bridge Collapse in Minnesota • 7 Dead, 62 Injured in Bridge Collapse • Mississippi Freeway Bridge Collapses • Minnesota Bridge Collapse • At Least Six People Killed in Minnesota Bridge Collapse • Freeway Bridge Collapses in Minneapolis • Bridge Over Mississippi River Collapses • An SUV Crashes into Terminal at Glasgow International Airport • An SUV Crashes into Terminal at Scotland's Glasgow International Airport • Glasgow Airport Terror Attack; Senior U. Official: Attacks Likely the Work of Amateurs; Police Officials in Glasgow Hold a News Briefing • Terrorists Crashes SUV at Glasgow Airport • Terror Attack in Scotland; Southwest Flooding • Following Glasgow Car Bombing Britain Raises Terror Alert To Highest Level; U. Airports, TSA, Step Up Security Today, Especially Going Into Holiday Weekend • Car Bomb Hits Glasglow Airport • Hamas-Led Government Resigns to Pave Way for New Coalition; President Bush Says U. Will Provide Extra Assistance to NATO; House of Representatives Debate on President Bush's Troop Buildup in Iraq • Tornadoes Causes Death, Destruction in Florida; Families Remember Soldiers Slain in Karbala; Reality Show Introduces Arabs to America • Four Central Florida Counties Hit by Violent Storms • Deadly Storm in Central Florida • Search Continues for Missing Mountain Climbers • Searchers Find Body of One Missing Climber • Identity of Dead Climber Not Yet Released; Air Search for Missing Climbers Will Continue Past Sunset • One Mt. Hood; One Body Found • One Hiker's Body Found; Search Continues; Small Plane Crash in Ohio • One Mt. Security Council Calls for End to Middle East Violence • Lebanese Ambassador to the U. Responds to Security Council's Statement • Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Confirmed Dead; U. Military Holds Press Briefing • Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Killed in Airstrike; Rumsfeld Holds Press Briefing • Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Killed in Airstrike near Baquba; Iraqi Defense, Interior Ministry Positions Have Been Filled • Reports of al-Zarqawi's Death in Raid • Fire in Washington State; General Michael Hayden Appointment as CIA Director Questioned; Immigration Reform Ignited Debate All Across the Country; Is New Orleans Ready For Another Evacuation?

; Report: Sirte is Now Under NTC Control; Battle For Sirte Long Than Expected By Rebels • Reports of Moammar Gadhafi Captured and Dead; Libyan Rebel Forces Take Town of Sirte; Initial Reports Indicate Moammar Gadhafi Captured by Rebels • Reports Say Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead • Government Reaction to Gadhafi News; Libyan Prime Minister: Moammar Gadhahi Is Dead • Moammar Gadhafi is Dead; Interview With Senator John Mc Cain • Moammar Gadhafi Is Killed; Joe Biden Speaks; The Life of Moammar Gadhafi • Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead • Moammar Gadhafi is Dead; President Obama Delivers Remarks on Death of Gadhafi; Larry King: What Moammar Gadhafi Was Really Like; White House Spokesman Jay Carney Address Media; NATO to Call for Special Session • More Details Emerging About Gadhafi's Capture, Little About Actual Death; What's Next For Libya? Hood Hiker's Body Found • Snow Cave Located on Mt. Hood Hiker Confirmed Dead; Holding Out Hope for the Others • At Least Two Earthquakes Hit Hawaii • One Earthquake, Several Aftershocks Hit Hawaiian Islands • No Tsunami Expected in Hawaii Per US Geological Survey • Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits Hawaii; No Reported Fatalities • Earthquake Measuring 6.3 Strikes Hawaii • Earthquake Hits Hawaiian Islands • 6.6. • Nigeria Pipeline Blast; Winning Confirmation Challenge for General Michael Hayden; Gay History Bill; Internet Child Porn • Jill Carroll Alive And Safe; Immigration Battle; Bird Flu Fears • American Hostage Jill Carroll Released; Randy Mc Cloy Getting Out of Hospital Today • Kidnappers Release American Journalist Jill Carroll; Bush Attends Summit With Mexico's Fox, Canada's Harper • Judge in Saddam Hussein Trial Closes Trial to News Media • Saddam Calls For Iraqis To Fight 'Invaders'; Texas Wildfires Near Amarillo Claim Homes, Livestock; Witness Coaching in Moussaoui Trail Puts Death Penalty In Question • Tragedy at Sago Mine • Tragedy at Sago Mine in West Virginia • Tragic Ending in West Virginia Coal Mine • Tragedy At Sago Mine; Surviving Miner; Minding Your Business • Breaking News: Tragedy At Sago Mine • Tragedy at Sago Mine in West Virginia Kills 12 • Tragedy at Sago Mine in West Virginia • West Virginia Miners Situation; Hatfield Press Conference; Governor Manchin Press Conference • West Virginia Mine Explosion Kills 12; Families, Press, Initially Given Wrong Outcome on Deaths; Sole Survivor In Critical Condition, Unconscious • Details of Rescue Efforts in West Virginia Mining Accident • West Virginia Mine Explosion; Survivor Gets Care at Local Hospital • West Virginia Coal Mine Disaster; 12 West Virginia Miners Thought to Be Alive; First Ambulance Brings Out First Miner • Elation Turned to Tragedy as 12 Miners Discovered Dead, One Survives • Sole Surviving Miner In Critical Condition; High-Tech Communications May Have Lead To Leak Of "Miscommunication" From Rescue Command Center; Red Cross Volunteer Bonded With Families, Recounts Euphoria, Profound Sadness • Mine Rescue Mission • West Virginia Mine Rescue Mission • Mine Rescue Mission; Southwest Wildfires; Deadly Roof Collapse; Miracle at Quecreek • Rescue Effort for Trapped Miners Continues; Southwest Fires; Plea Deal Has Been Reached in Abramoff Case • Mine Rescue Mission In West Virginia; Wildfires In Texas; Wife Of Trapped Miner • 13 Miners Trapped Underground in West Virginia • Miners Trapped 260 Feet Underground • Mine Rescue Efforts in West Virginia; Scorched Prairie in Oklahoma; Abramoff Plea Deal; Red Cross Aid Miners Families • Miners in West Virginia Trapped For 24 Hours • Crews Still Trying to Reach Trapped Miners; Scorched Prairies; Abramoff Plea Agreement • Thirteen Coal Miners Trapped in West Virginia Mine • Miners Trapped Underground • President Nominates Samuel Alito to Succeed Sandra Day O'Connor as Associate Justice on Supreme Court • Supreme Court Nomination of Alito • Bush Taps Judge Samuel Alito for Supreme Court; CIA Leak: What's Next? Sergio Vieira De Mello Has Died • Jerusalem Bus Explosion Wounds At Least 30 • Police Confirm Deaths in Israeli Bus Explosion • U.

; Colorado Turns Red; Midterms Set The Stage For 2016 • America's Choice 2014: GOP Won Its Largest Majority Since WWII; How the Midterms Will Impact the 2016 Presidential Election • Election Night in America; Midterm Election Results; David Perdue to Win Georgia • Election Night in America; Tight Race in New Hampshire; Tom Cotton Wins in Arkansas • Live Election Results; No Call Yet in Alaska; How the Republicans Won • Election Coverage • Election Night in America • Live Coverage of Events in Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey; Heavy Clouds of Tear Gas in Istanbul; Continued Protests Led to Clashes with Police • More Live Coverage ot Taksim Square in Istanbul; Police Have Taken Over Portions of the Square • Police Unleash Tear Gas On Protesters In Istanbul • Turkish Protesters Clash With Police • Turkish Protesters Clash With Police • Continuing Live Coverage: Oklahoma Tornadoes; Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency; Will Rogers Airport Without Power • Continuing Live Coverage: Five Reported Deaths in Oklahoma; Tornadoes Move to Missouri and Illinois; 190,000 Without Power Across Midwest • Continuing Coverage: Flooding Causes Additional Damage in Aftermath of Tornadoes; • Continuing Live Coverage: OKC Metropolitan Area Not Out of Danger Yet; Five Confirmed Tornado Touchdowns in Oklahoma; Heavy Rains Bring Flooding Concerns to Already Damaged Areas • Live Coverage of the Oklahoma Tornadoes • Live Coverage of the Devastating Tornadoes Affecting Oklahoma • Live Coverage of the Devastation in Oklahoma; Schoolchildren Victim of Massive Tornado; Interview with Stormchasers; Interview with Tornado Survivor; Bill Nye: Tornadoes Like This Will Happen Again • Tornadoes in Oklahoma Tear Through Community; Rescue and Recovery Efforts Ongoing in Oklahoma • Continuing Coverage of Oklahoma Tornado Devastation • Nightmare Tornado in Oklahoma; Search and Rescue in Oklahoma; Oklahoma Tornado Kills Dozens • Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Has Been Captured • End Of The Boston Bombers Manhunt • Second Boston Bombing Suspect Captured; Family Members of Suspects Speak Out • From Fear to Cheer; The Capture; Tsarnaev's Friends; Mystery Motive; A Tense 24 Hours; Boston Bombing Suspect in Custody • FBI Releases Boston Suspect Pictures; Discussing How the Investigation Proceeds; New Image Possibly Shows Suspect Number Two; Reaching Out to West, Texas; Inside the Blast Zone; Boston Heroes: Running to Help • Timeline of Fertlizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas; Latest on Boston Bombing Investigation; Watertown Sees Large Police Presence; Local Reporting from Massachusetts Locations • One Suspect in Boston Marathon Bombing Apprehended; Shooting in MIT Campus; Police Converge on Watertown • Latest on Boston Bombing Investigation; Recap of the Timeline of Area Activity; Police Have Taken a Man into Custody • Boston Manhunt • CNN Correspondent Hears Shots; Police Rush Into Watertown Neighborhood • Bombing Suspect Under Siege by Police • Night of Mayhem in Boston Area; Police Going Door to Door Looking For Suspect #2; Massive Manhunt Underway; President Obama Briefed by Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser • Night of Mayhem in Boston Area • Manhunt For Teen Bomb Suspect • Huge Explosion At Texas Fertilizer Plant; Latest on Boston Bombing; interview with Rep. Deaths In Superstorm Sandy; 200 Patients From NYU To Be Transferred; Three New York Area Airports Closed; Part Of A. Boardwalk Wiped Out; Three Dead As Sandy Ravages New Jersey; Damaged Crane Dangling Over NYC • Superstorm Sandy Brought Hurricane and Tropical Storm Force Winds, Record Storm Surges, Flooding, Blizzard Conditions, Massive Snow Fall and Fires in 23 states across East Coast; Superstorm Sandy Caused more than 6.5 million power outages.

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looking for a gym bud (VA) up for coffee and a chat or a movie .me know About Guys I Want To Meet: Sporty , well groomed fitness enthusiasts for buds and more..

Like hanging out at good spots with good wine and good company. About Me: We are an easy going, clean and healthy couple looking for similar people for fun times About Guys I Want To Meet: Clean, healthy, masculine, straight acting People how doesn't take life to seriously and knows how to have a good time About Me: This is the part I hate. About Me: Decent looking for decent, not a gym rat but I do workout at least 5 days a week.

Mary's County, Maryland Officials Issue Code Red Alert About Possible Dam Break; Storm Surge Remains Big Worry For Many • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Air Force Hurricane Hunters Flying Continuous Missions Into Hurricane Irene; EMS Hunker Down in Ocean City; New York City Bridges Closed Down; North Carolina Highways Flooded • Irene's Death Toll Now At 10, Falling Trees Car Crashes; Reactor At Maryland's Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Goes Into Automatic Shut Down Mode; Due To Flying Debris; Five NYC Hospitals Have Been Evacuated; A Surprisingly Smooth Operation • Hurricane Irene Erodes Maryland's Beaches; Ocean City EMS Pulled Off The Streets At Height Of Storm; New York City Awaits Irene • Irene Takes Aim at Maryland; Bloomberg Speaks Out About the Storm; Philadelphia in State of Emergency; Assessing Hurricane Irene Preps • Breaking News Coverage of Hurricane Irene As It Moves Up the Eastern Seaboard • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Irene Lashes North Carolina Coast; Washington Braces for Irene; Irene Disrupts Northeast Travel; New York Cancelling Incoming Flights; Gov. Military Jets • International Security Alert Issued; U. Authorities to Search Plane Landing at JFK Originating From Yemen • International Security Alert Issued; President Obama Confirms Packages Held Explosive Materials; Obama: "Credible Terrorist Threat Against Our Country "; Gibbs, Brennan Hold Briefing on Explosives in Suspicious Packages • Attempted Bombing Arrest • Times Square Bomb Arrest • Suspect Captured in Times Square Bombing Attempt • Suspect Caught in Times Square Bombing Attempt • Authorities Arrest U. Citizen at JFK Airport in Connection with Times Square Bomb Plot • Car Bomb Found in Times Square; President Obama Heading to Gulf Coast; Interviews With Congressman Peter King, Senator Charles Schumer • Car Bomb Found in Times Square • Car Bomb Discovered in New York's Times Square • Car Bomb is Found in New York's Times Square; Fire at U. Embassy in Pakistan • Bomb-Making Materials Found Inside Vehicle Near Times Square in NYC • Powerful Quake Hits Chile • Earthquake Hits Chile; Tsunami Warnings for the Pacific Region • 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Central Chile; 52 People Confirmed Dead in Chile Quake; Northeast Smacked by Another Winter Storm; Hundreds of Thousands Powerless • Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake Hits Chile; Chilean Citizens Talk About Their Experience • Large Earthquake Hits Chile; Tsunami Warnings Along the Pacific Basin • Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake Strikes Chile; Tsunami Warnings in Effect for Entire Pacific Basin • Tsunami Warnings Along Pacific Basin Due to Chilean Earthquake; 122 People Now Reported Dead From Earthquake • CNN International Broadcast: Coverage of the Chilean Earthquake • CNN International Coverage of Chilean Earthquake • Deadly Earthquake in Chile; Hawaii Awaits Possible Tsunami • Nervous Citizen, Media, Civil Defense Officials Await A Potentially Destructive Tsunami Threatening Hawaii • Massive Quake Rocks Chile • Massive Earthquake Strikes Chile • Continuing Coverage of the Chilean Earthquake, Tsunami Warnings • Tsunami Warning Lifted in Hawaii • 8.8 Earthquake Strikes Chile; Expert: Hawaii 'Dogged a Bullet'; New Jersey Family Awaits Word on Mother • Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Chile; 247 So Far Reported Dead; Tsunami Warnings Still in Effect for Japan, Russia • Earthquake Hits Chile; Tsunami Warnings Issued for Pacific Basin • Massive 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile; Tsunami Warnings In Effect Throughout Region • Senator Edward Kennedy Has Died • Senator Edward Kennedy Has Died • Continuing Coverage Relating to Senator Edward Kennedy's Death • Senator Kennedy Dies at 77; Senator Saves Baby • Continuing Coverage Regarding Senator Kennedy's Death • Continuing Coverage of the Captive Captian's Rescue • U. Cargo Ship Captain Rescued • More Coverage of the Rescue of Captain Richard Phillips • Navy Rescues Captain From Pirates; Hometown Jubilation • Captain Richard Phillips Rescued from Somali Pirates ny U. John Kerry Concedes Election • Kerry Concedes to Bush • A Divided Nation; Gay Rights Activists Say Many Amendments Banning Same-Sex Marriage Won't Hold Up In Court • President Bush Gives Victory Speech; How Bush Won; Interview With Presidential Historian Robert Dallek • U. Transfers Sovereignty to Iraqi Government • Handover of Sovereignty Comes Two Days Early • Ceremony Formalizing Iraq's Interim Government • Iraqis Officially in Charge of Their Country Now • Coalition Authorities Transfer Power to Iraqi Government Two Days Ahead of Schedule • U. Hands Over Power to Iraqis Early; Detective in Scott Peterson Case Faces More Questions on Investigation; Michael Moore Film Sets Records • Tape of Blair/Bush Briefing; Major Decisions Handed Down From Supreme Court • Iraq in Charge of Its Own Affairs • U. Hands Over Power to Iraqis Early; NATO Agrees to Help Train Iraqis; New Iraqi Government Promises to Crackdown on Insurgents • U. Turns Over Sovereignty of Iraq Two Days Early; Interview With Hoshiyar Zebari • Bremer Signs Over Iraqi Sovereignty • Signing Ceremony Took Place in Green Zone • Interview With Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari • Handover of Iraq Occurs Two Days Early • Hostage Beheaded in Saudi Arabia • Bureau Chief of Al-Arabiya Television Saw Video of Beheading of Kidnapped American Paul Johnson • U. Hostage Beheaded in Saudi Arabia • Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Beheading Paul Johnson • Thomas Hamill Found Alive by U. Troops • Interview With Vera Hamill • Missing American Contractor Found Alive, in Good Health • Interview With Military Psychiatrist Paul Ragan • Interview With Dorothy Baker-Hines • Thomas Hamill Escapes Captors • Pakistani Military may Have Ayman al-Zawahari Cornered • Al-Zawahiri Cornered by Pakistani Soldiers; Fitness Guru Calls Enforces Lifestyle Changes • High Value Target Being Fiercely Defended in Pakistan Believed to be al-Zawahiri • Pakistan Believes Al Qaeda No. Black Hawk Helicopter Crash • Bomb Attack in Mosul • Bloody Day in Iraq • At Least 15 U. Soldiers Killed in Iraq • Rumsfeld Holds Press Conference • Another Bloody Day in Iraq • Chinook Helicopter Brought Down by Missile in Iraq • Attack on Chinook Helicopter Kills at Least 15 in Iraq • Colonel Darley Holds Press Conference • Third Israeli Airstrike in Gaza • Sniper Suspect Gets Right to Represent Himself • Muhammad's Request to Represent Self Granted Unusually Quickly • Sniper Suspect Gives Opening Statement • Interview With Ron Kuby • Explosion Hits U. Convoy in Gaza • Gaza Explosion • Explosion Hits U. Convoy in Gaza • Sources: At Least 3 Dead, 1 Seriously Hurt • U. Source: Roadside Bomb Kills Three Americans in Gaza • U. Diplomatic Convoy Hit by Explosion in Gaza • Explosion Hits Diplomatic Convoy in Northern Gaza • Reuters: U. Embassy Advises All Americans to Leave Gaza • Armed Men Enter Hospital in Saudi Arabia, Taking Hostages • California Recall Election Goes On • Judges Rule California Recall Election to go on October 7 • Air Force Member in Custody Two Weeks Prior to Yee Arrest • Al-Arabiya Airing New Audiotape Purportedly From Saddam Hussein • Armed Man Holds Students Hostage in Tennessee College • Tennessee Police Responding to Hostage Situation • Hostage Situation Under Way College in Western Tennessee • Crude Prankster Calls in During Hostage Situation in Tennessee • NYSE Chairman Grasso Resigns • Powerful Bomb Explodes Along Border of Chechnya • U. Soldier Killed in Baghdad • California Recall Delayed • California Recall Vote Postponed by Federal Appeals Court • Court Cites Punchcard Ballots as Unreliable • California Recall Election Put on Hold by Federal Appeals Court • Davis to Continue Campaign • Talk With Spokesman for Governor Gray Davis • Interview With Rick Hasen • Democrats Get Victory from Delay • Johnny Cash Dies • Country Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies; Actor John Ritter Dead • Actor John Ritter Dead • Johnny Cash Dead • Singer Johnny Cash Has Died • Actor John Ritter Has Died • 71-Year-Old Johnny Cash Has Died • U. Lifts Libya Sanctions • Letterman, Lasko Baby Due in November • British Dossier Findings • Warning From State Department Says Possible Attack Coinciding With Anniversary of September 11 Attacks May Occur • Palestinian Crowds Rally to Support Arafat • Interview With Raanan Gissin • Firefight in Fallujah, Iraq • Israeli Warplanes Strike in Gaza City • Israeli Warplanes Fire on House in Gaza City • New Purported Bin Laden Tape Released • New bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri Tape Surfaces • Audio from New Al Qaeda Tape Filled With Threats • Bin Laden, No. Mideast Bureau Chief • Press Conference With Deputy U.

Christie Tells New Jersey Residents 'Get the Hell Out' From Beach Areas; Hospitals Evacuating Patients; IReporters Uploading Images of Hurricane Irene's Effects; Virginia Governor Mc Donnell Interviewed by Local Media Outlet • Hurricane Irene Coverage: As Many as 65 Million People Expected to be Impacted; Interview With Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor Dawn Zimmer; Interview With Stamford, Connecticut Mayor Michael Pavia; Interview With National Hurricane Center Director Bill Read • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall in North Carolina; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Delivers Remarks on Hurricane Irene; Nine-Year-Old Dies in Virginia After Tree Falls Through Apartment; Cities Along East Coast Evacuated Ahead of Hurricane; Hurricane Hunter Flying Into Irene to Collect Data • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes its Way up the East Coast; Bloomberg Warns New Yorkers to Evacuate Ahead of Hurricane; Interview With NOAA Deputy Administrator Kathryn Sullivan; Obama Returns to White House to Monitor Hurricane; Irene Roars Up the East Coast; Widespread Damage in North Carolina • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Batters Virginia Beach; Storm Surge Becomes Primary Concern; Interview With Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley; Unprecedented NYC Evacuations • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Ocean City, Maryland Feeling Irene's Wrath; Interview With D. Mayor Vincent Gray; NYC Emergency Services Prepare to Assist Flood Areas; Interview With New York City's Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Bruno • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall; Many New Yorkers Not Evacuating; Rhode Island Bracing for Storm; New York City Halts Mass Transit; Mayor Bloomberg Discusses New York Storm Preparations; 370,000 Under Mandatory Evacuation; New Jersey Braces For Hurricane Irene; Beach Erosion Expected To Be Major Threat; New York City Hospitals Evacuating Patients; Interview With Washington D. Mayor Vincent Gray • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Irene Takes Aim at Maryland; Philadelphia in State of Emergency; Sailboat Rescue in Virginia; Assessing Irene's Damage • Hurricane Irene Coverage: North Carolina and Virginia Hit Hard; President Obama Visits FEMA; Long Island Waits for Irene; Waiting for Irene in Philadelphia; New Jersey Prepares for Irene; i Reporters Share Storm Stories; Irene Roars Up the East Coast • Gadhafi's Decades Long Rule on Libya Appears to be Coming to an End; Syrian Crackdown; Israel-Gaza Tension. 2 Cornered • Musharraf: High-Value Target Believed Holed in Pakistan With Approximately 200 Allies, Supporters • U. Still Uncertain if al-Zawahiri is in Battle • Huge Explosion in Baghdad • Explosion Targets Large Baghdad Hotel • Deaths, Injuries in Baghdad Explosion Climb • 27 Dead, More Than 40 Injured in Baghdad Bombing • Car Bomb Explodes Outside Baghdad Hotel • Baghdad Hotel Blast • Car Bomb Explodes Outside Baghdad Hotel • No Survivors Believed to be Left at Bombing Site • Bush Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage • Interview With Cheryl Jacques • Bush Calls on Congress to Pass Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage • Look at Politics in California • Sources: Carlie Brucia's Body Found • Carlie Brucia Case • Press Conference on Carlie Brucia Case • Police Sources: Body of Carlie Brucia Found • Police Sources: Body of Carlie Brucia Found • Authorities Say Body of Carlie Brucia Found • Police Give Update on Carlie Brucia Case • Explosion in Restaurant Area in Baghdad • Large Explosion Destroys Baghdad Restaurant • Casualty Count Rising From Explosion At Restaurant in Central Baghdad • At Least 21 Wounded At Baghdad Restaurant • Inquest into Death of Princess Diana • Court Orders Jose Padilla be Released in Next 30 Days • Charges Against Jackson Officially Filed • Charges Against Jackson Read • Verdict Reached in Malvo Trial • Geragos Press Conference • Sneddon Press Conference • Second Sniper Suspect Found Guilty • Michael Jackson Officially Charged • Press Conference Announcing Hussein's Capture • Saddam Captured • Tony Blair Holds News Conference • Saddam Hussein Captured • Iraqi Governing Council Members Hold Press Conference • Saddam Hussein Captured by U. Forces • Analysis of Blair's Address • Saddam Hussein May Have Been Captured by Coalition Forces • Verdict Reached on Sentence for John Allen Muhammad • Decision on Muhammad Sentence to be Read Shortly • Muhammad to Die • Jury Recommends Death for John Muhammad • Prosecutor Speaks on Muhammad Verdict • Jurors Reaction to Case, Muhammad was Normal • Jury Recommends Death for Sniper John Muhammad • Jury Recommends Death for Sniper John Muhammad • Kidney Disease Benches Nets Alonzo Mourning • Multiple Explosions, Two Confirmed, in Istanbul, Turkey • Explosions in Istanbul, Turkey • Explosions in Istanbul, Turkey • Several Near Simultaneous Blasts in Istanbul • Interview With Terrorism Expert Rohan Gunaratna • Wave of Terror in Turkey • Attacks in Istanbul • Bombings in Turkey • Three Explosions Hit British Targets in Turkey • Two Big Explosions in Istanbul, Turkey • Jackson's Plane Arrives at Airport • Interview With Jermaine Jackson • Media Circus at Sheriff's Office • All Quiet at Neverland • null • What's in Store for Jackson Legally • Neverland Isolated, Quiet • Interview With Nadine Kaslow • Mark Geragos Press Conference • Recap Of Jackson Events Today • Jackson Processing Time Not Unusual • Interview With Jermaine Jackson • What Does Allowing Gay Marriage Mean Now? 2 Praise 9/11 Hijackers • New Tapoe Clear Reminder Third al Qaeda Remains Loose • Swedish Foreign Minister Stabbed Several Times • New bin Laden Tape Threatens New Attacks • Interview With Congressman Edward Markey • 'Bin Laden' Tape Surfaces • Nazi Era Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl Dead • Settlement May be Near Between Archdiocese, Victims of Sex Abuse • Reports of Dozens Wounded in Israel Blast • Explosion Outside Israel Army Base • Explosions Heard in Jerusalem • Reuters: "Huge" Blast Outside Cafe in Jerusalem • Major Explosion Rocks West Jerusalem • Alabama Monument Will be Moved Today • Monument to be Moved Inside Building • Discussion with Rev.

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