Sartorialist and garance dore dating Ageplay dating phone line

This is the quote from WWD: However, we confirmed with a rep from Garance Dore's studio that the two are not married, and that WWD will be printing a retraction tomorrow.So for the time being, at least, the two most influential style bloggers in the universe have not officially been joined in matrimony.VOIGHT: Your boyfriend, Scott Schuman, has his own blog, The Sartorialist.How did you meet, and what’s it like doing the same job as the love of your life? I told him I took pictures, but I was an illustrator.

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Doré’s mix of portrait photography, illustrations, collages, and stream-of-consciousness writing—whether she’s waxing on the conflicting pull of “simplicity and flats” versus “dizzying thigh-high boots” (the latter worn in the manner of French ’s Emmanuelle Alt) or the pleasure of eating two cupcakes after a day of greens—has given the fashion world en masse a girl crush. She launched her blog while she was living in Marseille, a perpetually sunny town on France’s Mediterranean coast, which she hated because, she says, “There’s no creative outlet and everybody leaves.” Originally an illustrator, Doré posted her drawings every day on the blog to no response.And recently I did a post on my friend Anna Laub’s glasses.I talked about them before she had commercialized them, and it was amazing how many e-mails I got asking for more information and from magazines wanting to use the pictures.But when she finally added her own text, the comments miraculously started to roll in.The transformation from art diary tofull-on style blog came when she realized the bulk of her most successful posts were about fashion.

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