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When affixing identification stamps, the holder of a local distributor's permit shall affix each identification stamp near the top of the brand label of the bottle of distilled spirits in such a manner that some portion of the identification stamp covers and is attached to some portion of the brand label, but does not cover any information on the brand label.

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(e) An invoice shall be issued in original and one copy in consecutive numbered order, showing the date of the sale or distribution, the name and permit number of the seller and the purchaser, and the purchaser's complete address, the serial numbers of all identification stamps affixed to the merchandise, the quantity, brand and class of alcoholic beverages sold and the total price of each brand and class shown thereon.(3) Mutilate - To scratch, cut, tear, or abrade in a manner which inflicts obvious and substantial damage to the stamp but does not totally remove or obliterate the stamp.(4) Retail permittee - The holder of a mixed beverage permit, a private club registration permit, or private club exemption certificate permit.Most Canadian Tax Stamps are already dated, but bear in mind that the date shown is the ‘distillation date’, not the ‘bottling date’....So a 1963 Canadian Stamp on a 7 year aged bottle, actually infers a 1970 bottling date changed design details 5 times since prohibition; Each change marks a period that will identify a point in which your bottle was made ‘between’: 1934-1941, 1941-1960, 1961-1977, 1977-1983 & 1983-1985.

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