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Research indicates that couples counselling is more successful when couples seek expert help early. Contact Us Now Too often, couples who are contemplating marriage fail to see how their differing backgrounds, personalities and preferences could lead to serious incompatibilities.US studies suggest that the average couple endures six years of unhappiness before considering professional help. The sooner you can start working on improving your relationship, the better. Our relationship experts can identify potential conflicts and help couples avoid future trouble spots.Couples counselling research shows a high incidence of demand/withdraw communication patterns between couples Get a relationship stamp of approval.It is a fun-filled love game that helps you to find out the nature of your relationship with your lover or partner.We use CBT mindfulness therapy, positive psychology, psychodynamic and other strategies that have been proved in research studies to produce the best results.They can literally change the brain, clearing away old patterns of behaviour.From December 31st 2012, the number of counselling sessions eligible people can receive through Medicare is 10 individual sessions per calendar year.Your referring doctor will assess your progress after the first six sessions.

We also regularly trial the latest in mental health apps and online resources, so our clients can take advantage of inexpensive modern technology to aid their treatment and monitor their progress.Psychology Melbourne is an industry leader in secure online counselling, which allows our clients to consult with a psychologist from their home or place of work, avoiding inconvenience and wasted time.Our staff include clinical and counselling, child and adolescent and health psychologists and other specialists with expertise in anxiety and depression, stress, anger management, grief counselling, weight management, child and adolescent psychology, sexual problems, health-related issues such as diabetes and other areas.They will assess what your relationship requires to allow you to achieve what both partners want, and whether each partner would benefit from individual counselling.If so, he or she will work with one of our highly-qualified psychologists to deal with personal issues that might be affecting the relationship, such as work problems, individual anxiety or depression and/or other social problems.

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