Prisoner online dating psychology reasearch

He and his fellow researchers selected 24 applicants and randomly assigned each to be a prisoner or a guard.

Zimbardo encouraged the guards to think of themselves as actual guards in a real prison.

How can you see what I saw and not care about the suffering? Three weeks after that, there's the Attica prison riot [in New York]. Two government investigative committees start hearings and I'm flown out to Washington to present to a congressional subcommittee on the nature of prisons.

I went from knowing nothing firsthand about prisons to being an expert. I visited a number of correctional facilities all over the country.

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The study had been approved by Stanford's Human Subjects Research Committee, and Zimbardo says that "neither they nor we could have imagined" that the guards would treat the prisoners so inhumanely.More than 70 people volunteered to take part in the study, to be conducted in a fake prison housed inside Jordan Hall, on Stanford's Main Quad.The leader of the study was 38-year-old psychology professor Philip Zimbardo.We expected that we would write some articles about it and move on.After the end of the first day, I said, "There's nothing here.

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