Pisces male and leo female dating

The degree of romance in this relationship may vary.

During times of mutual admiration, you can expect the "romantic teen" to come out in both partners.

Whatever be the differences in traits, one thing is for sure that you both are highly passionate and romantic in nature which binds you both together.

Pisces is fiery mute and Leo is fiery fix – possessing different traits.

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These opposite characteristics will certainly irritate each other.However, the Leo woman sometimes likes to think with her mind, rather than the heart and the Pisces man is always fearful of losing a loved one.This virtue in both partners may sizzle out the romance at times, but is only a sign of stability and togetherness. Both partners will need to be mature enough to look beyond this point and accept the fact that their goals and visions are aligned.The Leo woman is also fond of being the centre of attraction.The Pisces man will sweep her off her feet when he puts on his charming best.

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