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We don't want our disabilities to be ignored, but we don't want to be interrogated about them either.

This is a difficult mix and I always feel bad for able-bodied people I see struggling with it. "I think it's a hard balance to get," he says, "I really do." After reading the results of Scope's survey, I asked able-bodied friends why they feel awkward around disabled people. Sian Meades, a writer, summed up a recurring issue: "I don't want to draw attention to the fact that I'm trying not to draw attention to someone's disability." Most awkward silences come from kind people being afraid of saying the wrong thing and consequently opting to say nothing at all.

A prejudiced person wouldn't care enough to worry."Just because you're awkward around a disabled person doesn't mean it's a hate crime," says Brooker.

"The two are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

The majority of people who are not disabled feel awkward around those, like me, who are.

Most don't admit it publicly, but statistics show it to be true.

What I like about End the Awkward is there's humour to it. He's funny, approachable, a bit of a lad and, despite often playing the role of comically confused sidekick on The Last Leg, keenly intelligent.

He is also, as he once memorably told then-deputy prime minister Nick Clegg on the show, one of Britain's "top disableds"."I think it's human nature to be curious.

Awkwardness comes from people wanting to make someone else feel comfortable."And awkwardness around disabilities is not limited to the able-bodied.Most of us don't mind answering a question or two about our disabilities, especially if it lets us defuse the awkwardness in a social situation.But awkwardness can come from too many questions as well as too few.Disabled people don't want to be treated as information desks about disability."Having a disability is just one aspect of you," is how Brooker puts it. When you interact with anyone, you're talking to the person, not their disability."That doesn't mean, though, that able-bodied people need to pretend they don't see our physical challenges.

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