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The two young dancers learned the routine from Mark Ballas for the night and made it to the Top 5! Seeing them step out of their comfort zone & genre & take on a style as demanding Paso Doble & do it with such power & confidence was inspirational..

He added about Tate and Kida, “These 2 blew my mind yesterday.

Season 14 wrapped up tonight and we now have a winner…which I’ll reveal shortly.

The finale is always a nice recap of the season with a few new performances mixed in.

At this stage, the competition essentially becomes , with the ten all-stars selecting five kids apiece from within their own styles, and then by the end of next week's episode, they'll have settled on one kid they'll take into the finals.

We didn't get a comprehensive look at all the dancers selected this week, so we're going to rank the ten all-stars by how they picked their squads and how happy we are to have them back.

The second new number of the night was a Travis Wall piece, performed by Lex and Travis himself.

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This girl is going to go places, I promise you."That wouldn't be a stretch, since Castro is ballroom-dancing royalty. This season of "So You Think You Can Dance" features contestants between the ages of 8 and 13 (at the time of application). You've been on "The View" and "America's Got Talent." Did those shows give you an advantage for being on "SYTYCD"?Last season's champion had no competition when it came to picking a team of tap-dancers, so she got her pick of the litter.None of her performers stood out this week, but we're guaranteed to have one tapper in the finals.Tonight we were treated to a Mia Michaels group number…which was amazing. Also, loved that she took the time to sit with each of the top 4 to discuss their journey.I really hope that if there is another season that Mia will return to choreograph.

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