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When JP originally arrived in prison, he soon discovered that he was destined to become Gullah, his cellmate’s, bitch, (a s told in a former story entitled ‘JP’).

In a somewhat coercive concord, JP then fell under Gullah’s protection.

Naturally, there was a price to pay and JP was obligated to succumb to Gullah’s sexual demands.

When JP initially resisted, he was assured by Gullah that...

Such was the small cow town of Apache Creek, AZ; at one time it was famous for being one of the roughest towns to drive cattle through.

A town that use to be run by crooked Sheriff Williams, who looked the other way when cattle were rustled or a cattleman was robbed....

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It wasn’t long before Maggie was getting the full low-down on what was troubling Beth....

A mother has a torrid sexual encounter with her eighteen-year-old twin daughters As I drove up to the house, I noticed Gemma’s car parked in the drive way. While my husband was overseas, Amy and Becca, my 18-year-old twin daughters, were also home.

So, regretfully, Gemma and I wouldn’t be able to follow a swim with some sexual fun. Gemma lived in the next suburb and, for the past few months, we had been lovers....

I remember hoping for some new kids to be my friends, but it was just the two of them and their Labrador Retriever dogs.

It seemed odd at the time to me, but as I grew older I learned that she couldn't have children and they had instead focused on their careers. Read On Added: | Category: BDSM | Avg Score: 4.2 | Words: 3,856 | Tags: chastity belt remote control forced orgasms | 2 Comments A story about me and my family.

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