Online dating hypnosis ebook

Your mind clear of any worries about the future and you are physically in the best shape you can be.

You are sitting at a table on a restaurant terrace that looks out over the ocean. You can smell the sea and feel the warmth of the sun.

With , Steven Gurgevich offers a 3-CD program with expanded trancework sessions to help you put the power of hypnosis to work in your life.

Featuring distilled instructions on entering trance, sending messages to your body, and making an ally of your subconscious, this program offers more than two hours of guided trance sessions including a morning and evening practice.

the author was awkward and "old fashioned" in his approach to hypnosis.

i found this both annoying, unskilled, ineffective as well as disappointing. I was pretty skeptical as I have been to a professional hypnotists and did not get the desired results.

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Now with , you'll learn how to use clinically proven methods of self-hypnosis to unlearn old eating patterns, and create new and lasting behaviors for succeeding with a healthy diet.You drink from the cool glass of water before you and take in the smile of the waiter, sensing that everyone around you feels your calm and peaceful nature.Your imagination can take you on journeys whenever you wish and your imagination is far more powerful than most people would believe.Available in two formats: With the , Steven and Joy Gurgevich share an instructive book and companion CD to help you utilize and understand the subconscious mind-body connection to overcome the innate challenges of dieting.The CD includes five guided trancework sessions for removing emotional barriers, reducing your appetite, and dealing with cravings and temptations.

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