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Most US inspection decals/stickers display the month's number and the year.In some jurisdictions, proof of inspection is required before a vehicle license or license plate can be issued or renewed.upon buying a car (new or used) only, a valid safety check must be done before it can be registered.Dealerships are required to provide the buyer with a new safety, while private sellers are not (if a private seller so chooses, they may pay for, and issue a new safety in order to make it more appealing to buy).Tesla is installing Superchargers in urban areas where city dwellers and out of town visitors can easily charge.These stations are placed at convenient locations like grocery stores, downtown districts, and shopping centers so charging fits seamlessly into your life.

This applies also in Hong Kong Cars are required to obtain a safety and emissions inspection every other year starting in the third model year, and annually after 10 model years.

There are currently no requirements for vehicle inspections in Brazil.

A new resolution from the Conselho Nacional de Trânsito (CONTRAN) will enforce mandatory vehicle inspections in the country by the end of 2019.

Inspection can be required at various times, e.g., periodically or on the transfer of title to a vehicle.

If required periodically, it is often termed periodic motor vehicle inspection; typical intervals are every two years and every year.

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