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Both studies showed that the trendiness and excitement of the app were larger drivers of its use than motivations that relate to what most users believe to be its purpose (dating/sex).It can also help to fulfill our needs for self-worth. On the other hand, not receiving matches could damage self-worth, and in fact, Le Febvre found that lack of success on Tinder, including not receiving matches, was one of the main reasons users quit the app. In Le Febvre's qualitative study, 77% of the respondents indicated that they had met a match in person at some point, with the average participant reporting 4.58 offline meetings with matches.It was not uncommon for participants to use the app because they wanted positive feedback on Tinder or because receiving such feedback felt good.Naturally, finding a romantic partner was also a relatively common reason for using Tinder.In the popular media, Tinder very much has the reputation of being a "hookup" app, designed to facilitate fleeting sexual encounters.

In addition, the average number of hookups reported by the participants was just above 3.So someone might primarily have joined Tinder because it seemed like the cool thing to do, but they might also have a desire to meet a potential romantic partner or hookup.In another recent study, by Sindy Sumter and colleagues, a sample of 163 Dutch Tinder users rated the extent to which various motives described their reasons for using Tinder.The researchers then coded participants' responses into categories.So what was the most commonly cited reason for using Tinder?

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