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Project Server can validate only the fields that are also available in Project Professional.For example, the field that exists in the client does not validate in Project Web App.The “90 percent complete” approach to deliverable tracking is entirely subjective.The percent complete approach represents a quick estimate of deliverable status based on a team member’s feeling or intuition.Following are the resource fields for Project Server 2010 that do not exist in Project Professional and therefore cannot validate: Field validation and calculation results from the formula engines in Project Professional 2010 and in Project Server 2010 are not always consistent.When you use a formula created in Project Web App and compare it with the same formula created in Project Professional 2010, you should test to ensure the results are what you expect.Project Web App in Project Server 2010 includes drop-down lists that make it easier to pick common fields, functions, and operators.

Using a status of 90 percent, the project manager updates the project plan and communicates to the stakeholders that the particular deliverable is 90 percent complete.

In this article Creating and Validating Formulas Custom Field Formulas and Localization Formula References to Resource, Project, and Task Fields Errors in Formulas Custom field values and graphical indicator values in Microsoft Project 2010 can be calculated by using formulas.

You can create formulas for local custom fields by using Microsoft Project Standard 2010 or Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and for enterprise custom fields by using Project Web App or the Project Server Interface (PSI).

This article includes the following sections: For descriptions and syntax of the functions that are available for writing formulas, see the Reference section of Help in Project Standard or Project Professional, or see Project Functions for Custom Fields on

Project 2010 uses the same Jet Expression service for formulas that Microsoft Access 2010 uses.

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