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They chose how much data to record and how accurate and honest they were.


However, for all participants, the hand-drawn profiles offered a new and more expressive way of sharing and talking about their data than existing digital tools.Specifically, where your date looks at you could indicate whether love or lust is in the cards. A new method of maturing human heart cells that simulates the natural growth environment of heart cells while applying electrical pulses to mimic the heart rate of fetal humans has led researchers to ...Researchers at Newcastle University organised Metadating – a speed dating event where participants recorded data about themselves – such as their walking pace and food intake that week - to create an alternative dating profile.“Currently, a lot of the information we might track or measure about ourselves is focused only on making us fitter, happier or more productive.But this so called ‘Quantified Self’ can be really dry and mechanical – and what people can actually do with their data is sometimes quite limited.

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