Matt leblanc and jennifer aniston dating

And Lisa Kudrow was in attendance as well, but where were the three guy friends? All three of the Friends guys were invited to Aniston’s wedding with Brad Pitt but none of them – David Schwimmer, Matt Le Blanc or Matthew Perry – scored an invite to her nuptials with Justin Theroux.Schwimmer and Perry were both there when Aniston said “I do” to Brad Pitt and were close with her when it all fell apart.Do you think that the reports are true, and Jennifer Aniston cheated on Brad Pitt with Matt Le Blanc?Does this mean that Brad and Jen’s marriage was already wrecked long before Angelina Jolie came along?

Not only was Courteney Cox there, but she was the maid of honor.

It can’t be that she’s moving on from her Friends relationships since Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox were there… The alleged cheating was exposed by Star Magazine and the source was legit.

Matt Le Blanc’s father that gave the quote to the magazine and said that Le Blanc and Aniston were fooling around on the set of their hit show.

And Jennifer Aniston is by far not the innocent victim the media has perceived her to be over the years.

Some diehard Jen fans aren’t doubting Matt’s father’s claims, but if you think back to 2004 – the signs were all there.

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