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A Budke record that is absent from the "Diary" is identified by "(not in "Diary")" after the record number. ) [Straetz] December 29, 1796 [] 80 (ok) John Hoogenkamp Phebe Post January 6, 1797 81 (ok) Daniel Phillips Hannah Osbourn January 8, 1797 82 (ok) Thomas King Altye Koll January 10, 1797 Security: William Furman 83 George Carlough Sarah Straat January 10 [21], 1797 84 Abraham Cole Deborah Gurnee January 10, 1797 [1979] ((typo!

New information from the Diary record has been inserted into its chronological position and bears the number of the preceding record to which the letter "A" has been affixed, i.e., "664A". Hopper Ottawa, Ontario, Canada March 12, 2003 These records are in three parts: The first are the marriages performed by Rev. - BEH)) 85 (ok) Jonas Holstead Rachel Coe January 22, 1797 86 Benjamin Abrahamson [Abramson] Sarah Knap January 28, 1797 87 Abraham Redman Elizabeth [Elisabeth] Van Blarkum February 4, 1797 88 John Litchholt Hannah Ganong [Gannong] February 4, 1797 89 (ok) Koenraad Mey Annatie Byard February 9, 1797 90 John Dussenbury Willempje Onderdonk [Dykens] (("Dykens" is possibly an error of transcription from the next record - BEH)) February 11, 1797 91 (ok) Hans Blauvelt Hannah Dykens March 7, 1797 92 (ok) Jacob Rose Caty Cawl March 21, 1797 93 (ok) William Emmit Eleanor Strock April 8, 1797 94 Jacobus Laguier [Laquier] Jenny Deronde April 9, 1797 95 William Osbourn Sally Gurnee April 18, 1797 [4] ((sic - BEH)) 96 (ok) Benjamin Sherwood Caty Conklin June 3, 1797 97 William Yeumans [Yumans] Mary Ryker June 4, 1797 Security: Joseph Coeper and John Jacobuson 98 (ok) Samuel Coe Polly Parker June 4, 1797 99 Garrit Switcher Susanna May June 5, 1797 Security: Cornelius Wannemaker [Wanamaker], Charles May and David Pulisfelt [Witnesses: John Hopper, Esq.; Captain Gerhard Hopper] ((note: Witnesses same as #104 below??

Just one problem, he lived in Rockford and I in Madison. w=1200&ssl=1 1200w" sizes="(max-width: 224px) 100vw, 224px" data-recalc-dims="1" /After over 25 years of working in the corporate world, I decided to follow my passion.Kim Knutson, owner of Lallygag Boutique, 4616 E State St, Rockford, IL.I grew up in Minnesota then moved to Madison, WI, where I lived for 30 years before moving to Rockford.resize=224,300" alt="Lallygag Boutique" srcset="https://i0com/ I found hours of enjoyment in the small boutiques which provided individual service, unique product lines and an eclectic sense of style not available in chain stores.When I relocated to Rockford following my marriage, I decided to try to make my dream come true for myself and, hopefully, to bring some of that experience to Rockford.

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