Malwarebytes is not updating right

I got rkill on a jump drive and was able to disable control center, I think.

I have malwarebytes anti-malware on the infected computer, but when I tried to run it by calling up the task manager and looking for it in programs the exe file is nowhere to be found.

More here: can't thank you enough for this post Marianna.

There are certain instances, where the will be missing.

This is why I am weary about allowing the file, since Mc Afee saw it as a Trojan. Please clarify if I am understanding your advice correctly and thanks much for the with this. Being a weekend I have no idea if either will be around or not.

It sounds like you're saying that depsite Mc Afee seeing it as a trojan file I should trust it anyway. The other option would be to visit the Mc Afee forum and either look for an answer or post the question there. It is NOT uncommon for an A/V to detect Rkill (and other similar tools) as malicious.

need help, i think my computer has been infected, cant open my malwarebytes program.

Uninstalled and tried reinstalling and that didnt work.

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