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All custody levels excluding non-contact visits are limited to two visits each month with each visit lasting up to two hours.In addition, Minimum Custody and Achievement Status offenders will be allowed an additional four hours a month for immediately family only.Visitors should also be aware that circumstances in prisons can change abruptly.Visitation may be canceled if necessary without prior notice.If traveling I-10 Westbound: Exit I-10 at Gonzales (Exit 177) at the Tanger Outlet Mall. If the intake process exceeds thirty (30) days, the offender may request a special visit with immediate family members in accordance with LCIW visiting procedures. LCIW will be on your left after about one (1) mile. When requested, reasonable accommodations may be made to afford accessibility, wherein such accommodation does not result in an undue hardship on the institution, nor jeopardize the safety of employees, offenders, and other visitors.

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The number of approved visitors allowed in any one visit is determined by the custody status of the offender.The legal guardian shall provide a written, notarized statement authorizing a specific individual to accompany the minor child.If approved by the Warden, the visit may be contact or non-contact at the Warden’s discretion.Minimum and Achievement Custody offenders may have up to 6 adult visitors per visit while Medium Custody offenders may visit with up to 4 approved adult visitors.There is no limit on the number of children under age 15 who may attend Minimum or Medium Custody visits.

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