Kerio updating problems

Also on the server config we had to allow the hub transport to allow anonymous access to the receive connector.

We then created contacts for each user on the Exchange server they all have a primary email address @Kerio.private and the usual email address.

Thought I'd share this since there aren't many guides out there on the subject.

VPN clients will not be able to resolve DNS host names on the internal network if they are not assigned a DNS server address by the ISA Server firewall/VPN server.

Appointments go missing are off by an hour, invites aren't sent. The other bonus of Exchange 2010 is DAGs and as were are a charity the pricing, I think it costs us about 10% of the regular retail pricing.

Our Kerio Connect server runs off Apple Open Directory so before starting I put in AD along side OD, I've not integrated OD and AD, macs can authenticate fine off AD and Kerio and our mac file server exclusively use the OD accounts.

In most cases, the VPN client already has a DNS server address assigned to it.

However, that DNS server address does not resolve names on the corporate network because that DNS server is intended to resolve names on the network the VPN client computer is attached to before connecting to the ISA firewall/VPN server, or to resolve only Internet host names.

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