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He transcribed the tapes himself, and the highly edited panel discussion Even early in his career, PKD was hugely popular in Europe, where his novels were all published in hardcover. Disch, during his Guest of Honor speech at Norwescon in March 1982, shortly after PKD's death, proposed the Philip K. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge that, in the science fiction field, some of the finest books are published as paperback originals.

In fact, in 1977, Phil was Guest of Honor at a large science fiction convention in Metz, France. I was unable to find any history on the award's homepage, so I pulled this additional information from the Wikipedia entry (which also lists the award nominees and award winners for each year beginning in 1982): The PKD Award was founded in 1982 by Thomas M. Hartwell and Gordon Van Gelder, and sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, and, since 2005, supported by the Philip K. Given my affinity at the time for anything and everything PKD, I figured that if a paperback won the PKD Award, then it was worthy of being collected and read.

Dick, edited by Paul Williams I was a member of the PKD Society beginning in the mid-1980s, and as I wrote in a previous blog post, I used to help out at the newsletter mailing parties at Paul Williams' San Francisco home. Jeter was the Guest of Honor, and when I learned that James P.

And it was this involvement with PKD and the PKD Society that led me to attend my first Armadillocon in Austin, Texas: Armadillocon 10 in October 1988. Blaylock and Tim Powers were also scheduled to attend -- all three former members of the "Thursday Night Gang"During that convention, Jeter, Blaylock, and Powers held a panel discussion entitled "Memories of Philip K.

All of his early novels were published in paperback -- most by Ace Books, and many of those as Ace Doubles backed by another author of more or less notoriety (John Brunner, Margaret St. I first met Rudy Rucker in the mid-1980s, when he worked as an Associate Professor of Mathematics at San Jose State University.

Dick's stories and novels ever since I learned to read and think at the same time.

Seriously, I've been reading (and collecting) PKD's work for many years.

So once I put together my very abbreviated biography of PKD (about a half-dozen or so paragraphs), I sent the text to Paul Williams for his review; I wanted to ensure I had all the facts correct.

I then made arrangements to meet with Rudy Rucker for the interview that would accompany this article.

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