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Considering they are all getting together just fine, Dobrev and Powell’s relationship seems pretty robust.The report rests the case with a picture of Powell and Dobrev imitating Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s infamous posture from , it’s not hard to get the gist of their pose.In the wake of their split, both went separate ways seeking other love interests.Somerhalder found one in Nikki Reed and followed it with a marriage in 2015.Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom are out of the friendzone.A source tells PEOPLE that the two good-looking singletons have been hanging out romantically recently. Recently they’ve been hanging out as more than friends. However, the source added that Bloom was spotted attending a Coachella party on Friday with a woman who was not Dobrev.

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Wetpaint categorically establishes the relationship between Nina and Glen Powell.The report goes on to cite a picture from Powells’ UFC screening in their home, where Dobrev and Powell are cozying up to each other.Furthermore, there’s an adorable picture of Nina Dobrev’s along with the women in Glen Powell’s life, notably his mother and sister.Dobrev, on the other hand, was seeing actor Austin Stowell briefly before heading to splitsville.Latest reports unofficially confirm Nina’s relationship with The Bulgarian-Canadian actress has what it takes to make anyone go sucker for her, to begin with.

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